Access & Security

  • Full Security Control
  • Access Control for Employees & Visitors
  • Time Recording
  • Full Integration to HR & Payroll System

Time Management

  • Employee Time Recording
  • Employee Access Control
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Bespoke Report Building

Position Planning

  • Employee Time Management
  • Employee Location Planning
  • People Resource Management
  • Resource Time Scheduling

Compensation Management

  • HR System
  • Maturity System
  • Common Points System
  • Compensation Grid concept

Recruitment & Selection

  • Candidate Profiling
  • Employee Location Resourcing
  • People Resource Management
  • Candidate Assessment Reporting

Training & Development

  • Employee Track & Train
  • Build Bespoke Development Programs
  • Employee Certifications
  • Employee Training Assessment Reporting

Performance Management

  • Employee Profiling
  • Role Matching
  • Employee Development
  • Employee Assessment Reporting

Objective Management

  • Employee Evaluation
  • Future Resource Planning
  • HR Change Management
  • Employee Career Management

Employee Surveys

  • Manager Reporting Metrics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Working Environment
  • Reports from all areas


  • Automated Features for Managers
  • Health Care Systems for any specialization
  • Periodic checks & Immunization Campaigns
  • Health and Occupational Medicine


  • Accident Prevention Programs
  • Risk Mapping
  • Legislation Control & Information
  • Governance Health and Safety Charter


  • PCMAT Management - Program Policies Work Environment
  • Technical Report of Condition Desktop
  • Control of Schedules Activities, with automatic notification of winning
  • Decentralization of the schedule of activities


  • Global view payroll for multiple countries
  • Portal and for manager and employee self service
  • Managment  and HR portal
  • Over 5.000 payroll and financial reports  and bespoke reporting system per client


  • Global Benefits Management
  • Single Benefits Platform for all countrie
  • Streamlined Integration with other benefits administration systems
  • Add or remove benefits from the payroll

Budget Planning

  • Payroll Forcasting & Future Costing.
  • Comparison Functions (Prediction & Actual)
  • Payroll difference Analysis
  • Scenario Simulation

Lawsuits Management

  • Controls all types of processes related to the Company, specializes in Litigations
  • Central Business GA serves to manage service providers, generating queries, reports, emails and graphics of the situation
Apdata Colombia

Apdata Colombia

We are now ready to attend your employees in Colombia!

Apdata International Team has prepared its products to attend the large Colombian market.

With a technology that has been fully translated now into 3 languages Apdata Self-Service portal is complete in Spanish to cater for this extensive market. In order to attend to our current clients and new prospects we align the software legislation to serve the market in Colombia and successfully implement and welcome our international clients to use our platform.

Ask our International team on how we can help you processing your payroll providing specific reports and Global Time & Attendance.

Apdata Brazil

Apdata Brazil

From the foundations of Apdata to the now hugely successful company it has become!

In 2015, Apdata Brazil celebrated their 30th the humble beginnings, Apdata Brazil in Sao Paulo has grown into a hugely successful HR & Payroll Technology Company with many awards under their belt & even a few TV appearances, along with a reputation as one of the best places to work in Brazil.

The company Directors in true entrepreneurial spirit & showing initiative in ways to enhance staff retention & productivity have achieved this by implementing an environment for employees which has created a stress free ethos. This methodology has been a massive success & this shows with the impressive client list of companies Apdata are already providing services for & are continually increasing at a very steady pace.

However, this has not made the company complacent by any means, there is no room for complacency here... Apdata now has its sites firmly set on Global Expansion. With a vision to expand our presence in the international arena. Our U.S & International Team are embarking on an exciting a new project campaign in evolving the Global Antares Platform in to a true Global HR & Payroll based Software Platform.

Apdata Peru

Apdata Peru

In Partnership with Grant Thornton Peru

Apdata is processing its client’s payroll using GA Apdata system. Assisted by a team of Experts from Grant Thornton we are processing Peruvian payrolls to attend a demand and requests from our clients.

This great partnership allows Apdata to have its bespoke technology and global platform to be as efficient to the local in country processors.

Our International Director Roberto Bertolo and his team are ready to attend the market using the well-known and reputable Grant Thornton “know how” to process Peruvian Payroll in house on Apdata technology.

With a large number of clients already on-board Apdata and Grant Thornton partnership In Peru is a great success and we are already commercializing for working with new clients.

Talk with our team on how we can assist you in also better your payroll services in this Country.

Apdata Mexico

Apdata Mexico

Following Apdata International Expansion plan for all Latin Markets we open our technology to attend the Mexican market, working on a very challenging process and with our own Spanish speaking team we prepared our technology and currently processing a few "pilot" clients in Mexico.

The next step as the end of this quarter beckons is for Apdata to open it's operation to live full scale operations to attend our clients and new prospects on this ever growing economy.

With trained professional SMEs Apdata will go live in Mexico with its international team processing Mexico payroll fully InHouse.

With a single platform with a multilingual facility for the managers in America’s or around the world will be able to validate and understand the Mexico payroll, bringing HR closer to its employee no matter its location using the Manager Portal.

Ask our International team how we can help with your Mexican Payroll.

Apdata USA

Apdata USA

With a vision to expand our presence in the U.S. market. Our U.S & International Team are embarking on an exciting a new project campaign specific for U.S based clients to benefit from the capabilities of the full platform of offerings from the Global Antares Software suite.

Following the footsteps of companies like Google, Microsoft and the likes of Apdata USA & Apdata International is working on a plan of expansion to extend the reach of the Global Antares Software to cater for U.S. based companies with multi-national sites around the globe.

The Apdata executive team are developing future strategies for the U.S market starting this October 2014 in Florida with the largest I.T. gathering of global technology influencers - Gartner Symposium. The decision here has been taken to expand our reach as part of the Global Expansion. This is the beginning for Apdata International of an intensive plan to service U.S clients with a flavour of offering geographic, multi-site HR & Payroll related services.

Apdata Canada

Apdata Canada

On a vision to enter the North American market. Apdata international is in the process of building a strong relationship with the Canadian Technology triangle in Toronto and Waterloo.

Following the footsteps of companies like Blackberry and Google, Apdata International is working on a plan of expansion to serve the Canadian and North American markets.

With backing from the Canadian Consulate to support the Apdata executive team starting this October....Apdata has a 6 month expansion plan in to Canada and soon hopes to open its doors to this very desirable market.

As the Implementation progresses Apdata its now ready to support its Canadian and international Clients, participating and open Apdata Bespoke technology for Time & Attendance and payroll to this large market.

Apdata UK

Apdata UK

Apdata International Team are preparing the Global Antares system for processing payroll InHouse for UK.

With a full compliance understanding on RTI. Apdata U.K. system will be fully integrated. With expectations to be fully ready to run payroll and employee’s self-service portal at the beginning of 2015.

Apdata International Team are already active in reaching a huge milestone in it’s technology for Time & Attendance and Access Control to be able to attend the U.K Market and other European countries.

With a top technology for employee controls and self-service portal, Apdata product differs from other products already available on the U.K. market. With the facility to integrate seamlessly with any other HR & Payroll System. The Time & Attendance Software for Apdata stands out from the crowd and is slowly gaining pickup within the European market.

Ask our team for a demo or our whitepapers.

Apdata Angola

Apdata Angola

Apdata established it's foothold on the South African Market!

Apdata under client’s requests builds bespoke systems in adapting Global Antares to attend to the client needs and are currently processing clients within the retail industry.

Already with great clients satisfaction on this industry Apdata is now extending its reach to other South African Markets using the know-how and the technology.

We are currently processing a large volume of employee’s, tofacilite the Retail Industry and growing our market to other similar industries.

Contact our international team to have more information on how organise your workforce using Global Antares for your Time & Attendance, Access control Payroll and Employee Self-Service.